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Flip Orley | Comic / Hypnotist
The Comedy Arena
Flip Orley | Comic / Hypnotist

Flip Orley | Comic / Hypnotist

Recommended for 18+

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  • The Today Show
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • Comic Strip Live

"Humor comes from the volunteers, and no two performances are alike.” - The Los Angeles Times

"It’s difficult to remain skeptical after seeing Flip transform a panel of well behaved audience members into a family of trailer-park dwellers from Arkansas, Southern accent and all!” - Dallas Morning News

"Every scenario he concocted was perversely clever and, as played out, gut-bustingly funny." - The Washington Post

You can come see a hilarious, fun show or be a part of a hilarious, fun show!

Flip Orley’s show is a concert in hypnotism, bringing to the stage stand-up, improvisation, and sketch comedy in its true form. The laughter is deafening, and the crowd watches in amazement as their friends and family display some of the funniest bits comedy will ever know. The unbelievable becomes believable before your very eyes.

Flip Orley is adamant about not embarrassing his volunteers. He prefers the audience to laugh with them, not at them. This is the purest form of improvisational entertainment you will ever see, as the show rewrites itself every night. Each subject is treated with respect and dignity.

A brilliant comedian, Flip has blended his love of laughter with an extraordinary gift for hypnotism, making him one of the most sought-after entertainers on the corporate stage, and setting attendance records on the comedy circuit across the country.


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